France Air Expo

Get there with your private aircraft

Lyon Bron Airport, LFLY

Hangar 14, avenue Louis Mouillard, 69500 Bron

Thursday 6 June 2024, 10h-18h
Friday 7 June 2024, 10h-20h (EXTENSION OF OPENING HOURS)
Saturday 8 June 2024, 10h-16h

14 € online only (free for kids under 12 years old, must be accompanied) or by invitation.
Purchase entry ticket : online ticketing only. No ticket sales on site.
Invitation : mandatory online registration with your code in order to receive your entry ticket by email.
Attention : billet d’entrée non remboursable, non échangeable

Food & beverage outlets are available on site.
Food & beverage outlets are available on site.


Dear visitors,
The purchase of an entry ticket to the show can only be done through the online ticket office below.
No ticket office at the exhibition welcome desk.
If you have an invitation code, online check-in is mandatory and must be done before going to the exhibition.
Thank you for reading the Visitors’ Guide, below.

How to get there ?

Get there with your private aircraft

By car

  • 15 minutes from Lyon downtown

  • 1 hour from Grenoble

  • A43, Exit 4 Bron - Aviation

  • Hangar 14

  • Free parking

By Taxi

Main central booking offices:

By Public transport
Your jouney by public transport :
Download the interactive public transport map :

By Tramway

Tramway T5, stop "Parc du Chêne"
Frequencies :

T5 : from 7h54 to 22h11 - frequency of 12/15mn during the day, from 15 to 25mn after 20h
Urban fare all the way

By Train

• Gare SNCF Lyon Perrache
• Gare SNCF Lyon Part Dieu
• Gare SNCF Lyon Saint Exupéry

By Bus

Line 26, Stop "Normandie Niemen"

Line 52, "Bron Droit de L'Homme"

By airplane

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Saint Exupéry Airport, Lyon.

Visitors’ Guide

Dear Visitors, for the comfort of your visit, security agents and spotters are on site in order to ensure safety of the exhibitors and visitors at pedestrian and vehicles entrance.
Each visitor must submit to agents security check in case of security search and/or physical search.
Security officers will carry out systematic checking of bags and personal belongings. Security screening can occur if necessary. Vehicles surrounding the exhibition can also be checked by security agents.

ny person who refuses to submit to the various security checks, implemented within the exhibition, will be denied entry to France Air Expo (or car parks), even if this person has a valid entry ticket.

These security rules for France Air Expo are subject to change at any time until the event. On site, security officers are the sole judges to authorize who (and what) can enter the exhibition.

  • Dress Code

Proper attire is required at the exhibition. France Air Expo reserve the right, at any time, to refuse access or to escort outside the exhibition, any person wearing an outfit, make-up or tattoo that the Organization considers as inappropriate, which could encourage interactions with other visitors or exhibitors.
For safety reasons, in application of the law of March 2, 2011 prohibiting the concealment of the face in public area, wearing an outfit fully or partially covering the face is prohibited except for medical reasons (proof required).
Access to the show or its car parks may be refused for non-compliance with these clothing rules.

  • Transport equipment

It is forbidden to enter the exhibition on roller skates, bicycles, scooters, skateboards, Segway®, or any other transport device, motorized or not, except for medical type travel equipment.

  • Animals

Animals are prohibited. Only service animals are allowed inside the exhibition. They must be kept on a leash and remain in the care of their owner.

  • Street sales and flyers distribution

The sale of all goods and/or services within or around the exhibition and in the car parks, as well as the distribution of leaflets and other printed documents or advertising panels, by visitors are strictly prohibited.
The resale of entry tickets to the show is prohibited and may lead to legal proceedings by France Air Expo.

  • Evacuation of the show

France Air Expo reserve the right to limit or deny access to the show or to evacuate all or part of the show for safety reasons.

  • Site closure

France Air Expo reserve the right, without notice, to close the show before the scheduled closing time.

  • Prohibited items

Please note that it is forbidden to bring into the exhibition or car parks:

      • Suitcases/luggage, big backpacks or briefcase. Only small purses will be permitted inside the exhibition.
      • Items likely to disturb the exhibition and visitors : document, leaflet, badge, banner of a political ideological, philosophical, advertising or religious nature; posters with slogans, signs with slogans, flags with slogans, t-shirt with slogans and scarfs with slogans; any electronic or manual sound instrument (drum, megaphone, whistle...); any flying objects or unmanned device (drone); any laser pointer.
      • Consumables: any alcoholic beverage; any bottle containing liquids over 50cl; opaque containers (water bottle, thermos, etc.); all types of drugs, stimulants and psychotropic drugs.
      • Flammable dangerous objects : chemical substance, gas, neutralizing and incapacitating aerosols (tear gas); any explosive, pyrotechnic or any other flammable object (firecracker, torch, candle); and any cylinder of liquefied or compressed gas.
      • Objects considered as weapons or weapons by destination : weapon of any category; any object that can serve as a projectile (glass bottle, metal bars,…); any dummy weapon or replica weapon; any portable tool (screwdriver, drill, saw, hammer, cutter, chain, rope…).
      • Personal protective equipment : motorcycle helmet, safety helmets, protective goggles, diving masks, ski masks, gas masks.
  • Deposit room (chargeable)

In order to allow access to visitors, with items prohibited inside the exhibition, a deposit room is implemented before security check.
This allow visitors to deposit their prohibited items before their exhibition visit and get it back after.
The deposit room is opened on Thursday from 10h00 to 18h00, Friday from 10h00 to 20h00, Saturday from 10h00 to 16h00.
Price : 5 € Vat incl./item (Credit Card only).
Free motorcycle helmet.

Bags/luggage too large will not be accepted at the deposit room.

Thank you for your understanding.